Corporate DMC & M.I.C.E.



At Waterman Travel S.I.T.E. we assist with the choice of ‘out-of-the-box’ event venues and locations, negotiate hotel and suppliers contracts, arrange transport and most important customize to fit the corporate objectives by creating exciting and unique tours leaving lasting impressions, an unforgettable bespoken experience, and motivated employees.

Our guideline principles are dialogue and communication with the principal, a dedicated organized planning and creativity, while our professional expertise and know-how grants flexibility and ensures a successful program regardless the budget - in Corfu, considered as the most beautiful of the Ionians!

Sparkling Fresh & Cool Travel Ideas

At WATERMAN TRAVEL & More we present to you in this chapter a small selection of Corfu hotels which are experienced and able to handle M.I.C.E. in a professional way. Moreover we are pleased to introduce The Lac Hotel in Epirus for small exclusive groups with exciting activities like hiking and rafting between the meetings...